J A Z Z   1

J A Z Z   1

  1.  You

  2.  Weekends

  3.  TV & Music

  4.  Jobs

  5.  Home

  6.  Technology

  7.  Dating

  8.  Transportation

  9.  Nightlife

  10. Weather

  1.  Family

  2.  Hobbies

  3.  Food

  4.  University

  5.  Movies

  6.  Shopping

  7.  Sports

  8.  Special Days

  9.  Health

  10. Vacations

2nd Edition Workbook and Audio files

The First-day placement test will show you their problems with pronunciation (light, right, white, night) and prepositions (at, in, on).

The workbook is for addressing the problems.  JAZZ ENGLISH shows their problems, and provides solutions.

Each unit has 4 pages. The first to pages give interesting background information that be covered in class – because class is for speaking.

Articles & Preposition


Vocabulary workout

& Listening quiz

Workbook Audio File

Pronunciation Practice

Korean and Japanese students have students have trouble with these sounds:

light-right-white-night     bat-beat-bet-bit   bad-pad-fad-vad

Here is the solution. Repetitive practice.