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Listening Quiz script booklet.

3rd Edition Workbook and Audio files

Each unit has 6 pages. The answers to pages 3 and 4 are in the book, and on the book's CD.

Therefore, students can check their answers – and improve their listening – by listening to the CD. Or, they can look in the book.

Pages 1 and 2 give interesting information that cannot be covered in class – because class time is speaking time.

Articles, Preposition & Duration practice

1. We took the Longer and Better example paragraph

     from each unit and deleted the articles.

2. We took the Conversation Starter Q & A and deleted

     the prepositions and duration terms.

Listening & Pronouncing

We took the Model Conversation and deleted words to improve listening. Further, most of the deleted words are Vocabulary Vitamins. Writing the vocabulary in the blanks is one more step to integrating the vocabulary.

Vocabulary & Listening practice

1. Students listen and fill in the blanks with Vocabulary Vitamins.

2. Most units have matching vocabulary exercises.

3. The Listening Quiz at bottom again uses Vocabulary.

     This page can be copied and used as a pop quiz.

Specific example & TOEFL Essay practice

Students answer 3 conversation questions in 1-2-3 academic format. This turns conversational English into Academic English.

This is also great TOEFL practice because the short paragraphs are actually essay outlines with specific examples.


To check their answers students just open the book. All the answers are in the book.

Or students can improve their listening and check their answers by listening to the audio.


To workbook audio